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Why Choose A&S Construction?
A&S Construction brings a personalized experience and meticulously detailed visit to your doorstep. Clients will be contacted to set up an appointment, then they will be called again the day prior to confirm. Finally, when the day arrives, A&S will notify you that our diligent team is on the way. Our foreman will go up to the roof during the visit to take pictures, notes, and measurements. This is all happening while the homeowner is shown the different styles and color options they want for their project. Our team has heart and it shows in the projects every step of the way. When we mention heart, that refers to our “HRRT” principles.

Honesty - We don't cut corners

Reliability - We deliver our promise

Responsibility - We do our job right

Trust - Our word, our honor

Our Mission: Build Homes & Trust

When it’s time for Maryland residents to call for roof work, A&S is quickly becoming their first choice. Why? It’s from our dedication, our mission  to serve the community faithfully. We aim to provide excellent roofing services by installing top-grade materials that give property owners peace of mind. When A&S is called upon, residents know they are getting an honest company alongside personalized custom services. Get the protection you need from the roofing company your neighbors want.

A&S Construction Is Quickly Becoming Maryland’s Top Roofing Company

When you’re searching for a company that genuinely cares about your property, look no further than  A&S Construction. We have the professional team & tools to restore your property to new heights. We offer multiple  services for Maryland residents to take advantage of. Take a look at the expert services you can have at your property today!

MHIC License # 143033

A&S Roofing Services
The go-to roofing company for Maryland residents.

Roof Replacements

After a long period of time, your roof will eventually need to be replaced. It is not uncommon for roofs to fall into such a state of disrepair that replacing your roof is the most viable option. Heat, rain, high winds, and snow are some of the external elements that affect every roof significantly. We live in an area of “extreme” weather, so be sure to call the highly skilled professionals at A&S to replace & restore your roof perfectly

Roof Repairs

Your roof is critical to protecting your home but it can be heavily damaged when exposed to the elements. The roof is one of the first parts of your home to sustain damages in most situations. If your property’s top isn’t in good shape, this will soon spread to the rest of the structure. This is why calling A&S Construction roof repairs is essential because living safely should be.

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

A&S Construction is here to aid residents in any way we can. Outside of giving fantastic residential roofing services, we also want to educate our clients. There’s no need to attend classes or pay a fee, these much-needed lessons are free. Read below to see why a roof replacement could be great for you!

Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can make all the difference in the world when you catch them early enough. Don’t let your home’s condition degrade past the point of no return. You may not be roof experts but here are some signs that you need to call the experts at A&S Construction.

Excellent Services Done at Great Prices

Roofing has never been easier with A&S Construction providing reliably affordable roofing to Maryland residents. See if you’re in one of the areas our company has the pleasure of servicing below!

MARYLAND: MHIC License # 143033
Pennsylvania, Virginia & Delaware - Coming Soon!

Simplify Your Large Project with Affordable Financing

We recommend repairing your home at the first sight of a problem. The reason is to avoid structural damage and a higher cost replacement in the future. If you don’t have the funds available, we offer affordable financing through our partner Enhancify. They allow our clients to live happy lives in their restored property without stressing over money. Get a better roof and better rates with A&S Construction.