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Roof coating is necessary for a variety of reasons, including the increase of your roof’s longevity, fire resistance, rot resistance, and weather resistance. However, you must work with contractors who use the right materials when it comes to roof coating. We use premium acrylic and silicone materials to ensure a long-lasting roof coating in Frederick and the surrounding areas.

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Sandra Hofmeister of A&S Construction

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About Us

A&S Construction brings a personalized experience and meticulously detailed visit to your doorstep. Clients will be contacted to set up an appointment, then they will be called again the day prior to confirm. Finally, when the day arrives, A&S Construction will notify you that our diligent team is on the way.

Our foreman will go up to the roof during the visit to take pictures, notes, and measurements. This is all happening while the homeowner is shown the different styles and color options they want for their project. Our team has heart and it shows in the projects every step of the way. When we mention heart, that refers to our “HRRT” principles.

How Roof Coatings Help Your Home

Coatings extend the life of older roofs and shield them from damage and ongoing maintenance. Also, roof coatings will improve the look of your property.
Coating your roof is a great way to update your home’s look and increase its value. If you don’t coat your roof, it will start to deteriorate from wear and tear. Your home will also become less energy efficient and your monthly energy bills will increase as a result.
new roof shingles installed

Roof Coating Services

Our roofers are experts when it comes to installing high-quality roof coatings and they always maintain our dedication to quality and high standards. Our team will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need without exceeding your budget. But, it is difficult to determine your cost without first inspecting your roof.

How much it costs to coat your roof depends on the type of roof you have and the size of your property. Reach out to us and we will provide you with a free on-site inspection and give you a free cost estimate. After we are done you will have a fully restored, seamless, watertight, energy-efficient roof with an extended lifespan.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings prevent leaks and are extremely durable. Because they are not water-based, they are very water-resistant by nature and are simple to apply. A silicone roof coating will last up to 15 years.
acrylic coating on the roof

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Acrylic coatings provide rust protection. They are great for metal roofs because they are durable and flexible, allowing the metal to expand and contract without cracking or breaking the coating. This type of coating is economical, good for most climates, and offers great value.


What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

Please read through the reviews to see what our previous customers are saying about working with us. If you have any questions about our services or our process, feel free to reach out to us and we will answer all of your questions.

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A&S Construction is Fredrick’s best choice for fairly priced and reliable roofing services, with roof coatings being one of our many specialties. Our roofing specialists have years of experience with roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact us for all your roof coating needs.
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We can fix your roof whether we installed it or not. From minor repairs to major repairs, our team can help. We’ve seen what happens when an untrained roofer attempts a huge project, and many contractors offering roofing services lack the knowledge to do the job effectively. Our team specializes in repairs, so if your prior contractor installed poorly or used defective materials, we can fix it.

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